Photo of Brooke Barnes
Brooke Barnes

  • B.S. – Chemistry – University of Florida – 2015
  • Current Advisor: Daniel A. Savin

Brooke Barnes began her graduate studies in Organic Chemistry/Polymers in 2015, working with Prof. Daniel Savin. Her research focuses on the use of stimuli responsive polypeptide-based block copolymers to form single layered vesicles in solution. This project incorporates many features of both polymer and physical chemistry, and the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of physical chemistry is very rewarding. Thus far, one of her favorite aspects of graduate school includes teaching in the Organic Teaching labs. In the teaching lab, Brooke has been known for her enthusiasm for chemistry, and the excitement really makes a difference to the students. Her enthusiasm is sparked further when she sees the student’s light bulb “click” during an experiment. Outside of lab, she prefers to spend her time outdoors, soaking up the natural sunlight and beauty that Florida has to offer. You can often find her hiking around town or canoeing the Santa Fe River when the weather is nice.